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  • Rescuvator includes reverse phase and phase failure relay.
  • Basic power is provided by a 12 volt sealed battery.
  • Battery power is inverted and converted electronically.
  • Transistorized power supply provides proper AC and DC voltages for emergency operation.
  • Rescuvator provides 220 and 110 volts single phase 60 Hz. AC and 265 volts DC or 130 volts DC. Other voltages are available on request.
  • Rescuvator activates low oil return circuitry.
  • Automatically maintains battery at its proper charge.
  • Installation requires a maximum of 2 wires to the elevator disconnect switch and 16 wires to the controller.
  • Compatible with relay type and microprocessor type controllers.

Rescuvator is capable of operating approximately 80% of all existing hydraulic elevators. It is designed for manual or DC power door operation and will provide the voltages listed above.

  • Wall mounted vented cabinet with cover. (cover not shown)
  • 20" W x 22" H x 7 1/2" D.
  • 14 gauge steel component plate.
  • Rugged plug-in printed circuit boards.
  • Plug-in relays.
  • Field selectable output voltages.
  • Maintenance-free sealed long lasting 12 volt battery.
  • Battery condition LEDs.
  • Automatic battery charger.

Rescuvator (U.S Pat no.3706357)

Rescuvator to the rescue

During a power failure or blackout, there's nothing more frightening than the helpless feeling of being trapped in an elevator. Fear, panic-NEVER AGAIN!! Into a world of advanced technology comes RESCUVATOR, G.A.L.'s auxiliary power device which provides for the safe swift exiting of passengers on new and existing hydraulic elevators.

When the power goes off, Rescuvator comes on while all elevator safety features remain operative. Immediately the functions of control and door operation are given their proper voltage by the use of a battery operated transistorized power supply. The elevator then descends to the lowest landing and opens its doors to discharge passengers who might otherwise have been trapped.

Power out - Rescuvator on

  1. Automatically activates during power loss.
  2. Supplies power for rescue operation.
  3. Causes car to descend quickly and smoothly to lowest landing.
  4. Keeps doors closed until proper floor level is reached.
  5. Automatically opens doors at lowest landing.
  6. Safely shuts down elevator until normal power is restored.
  7. Automatically resets for future emergencies.
  8. Differentiates between actual power failure and manual operation of elevator disconnect switch.



During Rescuvator operation all code required elevator safety features and elevator disconnect switch remain functional.

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