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GAL offers an extensive line of vandal resistant door equipment that has been designed and manufactured to ensure safe and reliable use for years to come. Whether you are installing the equipment on a new system, or completing a modernization program, GAL has a door system to suit your needs.

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Door Operators

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Car Door Hangers

A combination of heavy gauge steel cold rolled formed track and large 3 ¼ " diameter sealed ball bearing sheave rollers, make our car door hangers ideal supports for the heavier American elevator doors...

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Door Clutches

Made from heavy mass cast aluminum and cold rolled steel, our clutch is designed for millions of repeated retractions and actuations...

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Door Protection

GAL has reached agreements with industry door protection manufacturers and now offers a choice of systems completely integrated with GAL door operators...

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Hatch Door Hangers

Similar in construction to our car door hanger, the hatch door hanger assembly includes the hanger track and sheaves...

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All of our interlocks are housed in a die cast aluminum enclosure with cold rolled steel shafts...

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Door Closers

We provide a variety of door closers to close an open hoistway door automatically if the car for any reason leaves the landing as per Code...

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Fault Monitors

For More Information

GAL's line of door equipment products consists of thousands of different individual pieces and are far too numerous to display on this website. The products listed above are merely a representation of our complete lines. To find the best solution for your doorway operation needs, please feel free to talk to one of our experienced sales people.

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