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GAL designs and manufactures the most complete line of elevator fixtures available today. From the rugged dependability of vandal resistant to the ultra custom looks demanded by the most high end elevators, GAL is your most versatile supplier.

Jet Plus

You Need Speed? Take a look at Jet Plus, the industries most inclusive quick delivery system for elevator fixtures. With Jet Plus, you can choose from 14 different button styles, in stainless or bronze, and up to 16 floors – and your fixtures will ship in just 4 weeks.

Have a rough use situation? GAL has several styles of vandal resistant buttons to match any need. These pushbuttons have years and years of exceptional performance in the toughest environments. GAL can of course provide fixtures to meet the NYCHA specifications.

JET PLUS Fixtures


A special job? GAL has been a preferred provider of custom and super custom fixtures for years. You can have any look your architect can dream up, and still have the dependable GAL components and design under the covers – an amazing combination of beauty and brawn.

When you need elevator fixtures, your best choice is always GAL.

B-Series Fixtures

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