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Find yourself with a problem with a GAL product or have a question on procedure? Or does a change in elevator Code have you wondering if GAL could provide a solution? Whatever your question we’re standing by to help. And unlike others in the industry, GAL provides tech support at no cost to customers. It’s just one of the things we provide in order to thrill you with great service. Just click the link below to contact us directly. Should you know the correct party to address your query already, proceed to “Support” above and then click on “Employee Contact”.

Contact Information


Tech Support Main Line 888 425 2262


Downtime is not an option. When you encounter a maintenance issue that needs an expert immediately, we will be there. With the Vantage Link – Virtual Support tool our experts can now visually collaborate with you using your existing mobile device as if they were working side-by-side. They can visually demonstrate, freeze images, use hand gestures, import documents, and even add real objects into the merged reality environment. With Vantage Link – Virtual Support, our experts can show a resolution, not just describe it, even thousands of miles away. Simplifying problem-solving and helping increase worker efficiency while reducing maintenance costs.

To get started, contact our Tech Support team at 877-425-7778 or email

Use this link to contact our representative for more information.