Fault Monitors

Fault Monitors

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Fault Monitors

GAL is dedicated to creating safer passenger environments, which is why we introduced FM1 in 1978 — the industry’s first elevator Door Fault Monitor. Designed to detect faulty or jumped door circuits, FM1 prevents door closure and suspends all car movement until the fault is cleared.

FMG1 debuted soon afterwards, and is created to interface with FM1 and work with the Hollister-Whitney Rope Gripper®. FMG1 monitors elevators for unintended and ascending/descending over-speed car movement conditions, and when teamed with the Rope Gripper®, provides a successful, proven way to halt offending car movement and protect riders.

Two recent NY Board of Buildings requirements have made the benefits provided by FM1 and FMG1 critical to the welfare of the entire NYC elevator industry. First, by January 1, 2020 all NYC automatic passenger and freight elevators must be able to detect jumped and faulty door circuits in order to be considered compliant. The Board also established a 2027 compliance deadline whereby all elevators must provide means to safeguard passengers from unintended, ascending and descending over-speed car movement effects as well.

Today over 40,000 elevators in NYC are potentially affected by these mandates. We urge NYC professionals to learn more about FM1 and FMG1, and then call us so we can assist and help you meet these compliance deadlines. Certainly some may see this as purely a local matter. Experienced industry professionals however understand that whatever impacts the New York elevator market quickly affects other regions worldwide as well. Therefore we highly recommend you plan to implement Fault Monitors, such as FM1 and FMG1, into new or modified installations now rather that waiting until required to do so later. A little proactive thinking could save you a lot of time, money, and not a little anxiety tomorrow.


FM1 0.40 MB PDF
FMG1 0.37 MB PDF
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Installation/Assembly Manuals

FM1 Installation 0.57 MB PDF
FMG1 Installation 0.94 MB PDF
Hollister-Whitney Rope Gripper Background Data2.3 MB PDF

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