GALaxy Controls are renowned throughout the industry for their sophistication, reliability, and their non-proprietary design, which permits them to function flawlessly in installations ranging from Hi-Rise Gearless Traction to Low-Rise Hydraulic Simplex groups.

All Controls come with easy-to-follow color-keyed reference materials, are designed to be easy to wire, feature Magnetic Limit Switches and permit upgrades to be performed using a Compact Flash Card. GAL Controls permit you to choose from among hundreds of features and tape or tape-less selector systems.

With GAL you have access to a built-in Diagnostic/Set-up Interface called “GALileo”, which permits remote monitoring through the Controller’s own internal Wi-Fi capability (as found in GALaxy IV), or via direct Ethernet connection. More than a simple convenience, when GALileo is teamed with our GALaxy IV Controller you have instant on-site access to system schematics, connection diagrams, MCPs, manuals, fault logs, and trace screens enabling fault identification. Totally password protected, GALileo and GALaxy IV even offer professionals the ability to perform valuable traffic analyses instantly.

But beyond all our advanced technology, what truly sets our Controls apart is GAL’s dedication to maximum utility. Each new generation of GAL Control is the culmination of an intense collaborative process between engineering and our in-house staff of experienced industry professionals. The end result is a highly intuitive operating system, precisely tailored to real world demands. In fact once a mechanic tries the GAL Control system, and begins to appreciate its low learning curve and all the features we offer, they often become reluctant to use another. And as the years pass, field mechanics come to enjoy the knowledge that they’ll feel just as comfortable with new GAL Controls as well.


GALaxy IV Controller Brochure 2.1 MB PDF
GALaxy IV Controller Info Sheet 0.57 MB PDF
GALaxy eHydro Controller:ScanGuard/Fixtures (EN) 4.4 MB PDF
GALaxy eHydro Info Sheet 0.77 MB PDF
GALaxy eHydro Controller: ScanGuard/Fixtures (ES) 4.4 MB PDF

Data Forms/Notices

eHydro Data Form 0.45 MB PDF
Traction Data Form 4.0 MB PDF
GALaxy Elevator Control Field Wiring: Important Notices 0.20 MB PDF


GALaxy IV Manuals

GALaxy IV, KEB Combivert F5 Drive 6.8 MB PDF
GALaxy IV, Magnetek Quattro AC/PM Drive 6.9 MB PDF
GALaxy IV, Magnetek M1000 AC Drive 8.9 MB PDF
GALaxy IV, Magnetek DSD-412 Drive 6.9 MB PDF
GALaxy IV, Magnetek Quattro DC 12.0 MB PDF

GALaxy IV Quick Start Guides

GIV DSD DC Drive 0.85 MB PDF
GIV KEB AC Geared 0.81 MB PDF
GIV KEB AC PM Gearless 0.84 MB PDF
GIV M1000 AC Drive 0.81 MB PDF
GIV Quattro AC PM Drive 0.46 MB PDF
GIV Quattro DC Drive 0.51 MB PDF

GALaxy III Manuals

GALaxy III Hydro S 2.3 MB PDF
GALaxy Hydro 3.4 MB PDF
GALaxy Traction Elevator Controller V.3.3.5 9.1 MB PDF

GALaxy III Quick Start Guides

KEB PM Gearless 1.1 MB PDF
KEB AC Geared 5.2 MB PDF
DSD 412 Drive 5.6 MB PDF
HPV 600-900 Drives 3.5 MB PDF
Complex Hydro 1.4 MB PDF
Simple Hydro 1.3 MB PDF
Quattro 4.2 MB PDF

GALaxy e Hydro Manuals

GALaxy eHydro 0.54 MB PDF

GALaxy e Hydro Quick Start Guides

GALaxy eHydro 0.54 MB PDF

GALaxy Relay Logic Controller

Contractor and Relay Parts 5.2 MB PDF

Control Boards

GALX 0320AN NTSD Board 0.85 MB PDF
GALX 1099AN RS485 Absolute Encoder to CAN Open Adapter 1.2 MB PDF

TSSA Test Procedures

Complex Hydro 0.21 MB PDF
Simple Hydro 0.57 MB PDF
VVF Submission 0.31 MB PDF
SCR Submission 0.85 MB PDF

TSSA Test Procedures(GIV)

Hydro 0.15 MB PDF
VVF Submission 0.32 MB PDF
SCR Submission 0.16 MB PDF

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