Switches and Contacts

Switches and Contacts

Switches and Contacts

GAL constructs heavy-duty, cast-iron housed Hatchway Limit Switches (Type LS) and Double Throw Limit Switches (Type LTD) for the professional. Both are relatively small, designed to make wiring simple, and can be used in confined areas where limited space is a consideration.

Our Door Contacts (Type SDC) are of simple construction, made of rugged bronze with a ground finish, and may be used for swinging and sliding doors of either hand. Ports are provided for wall and ceiling mounting. Two plugged inlets permit convenient wiring access.


Installation/Assembly Manuals

Type "SN" Lock & Contact 0.12 MB PDF
Type "SN-Z" Lock & Contact 0.33 MB PDF
Type "SN-C" Contact 0.13 MB PDF

Drilling Templates

Swing Doors Surface Mounted 0.89 MB PDF
Swing Doors Flush Mounted 0.96 MB PDF
Kalamein Swing Doors Flush Mounted 0.93 MB PDF
Sliding Doors Flush Mounted 0.94 MB PDF

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